Spearco Intercoolers

Conventional intercooler cores are thin-walled, extruded aluminum tubes that are not designed to handle extreme boost pressures, and limit cooling performance because of their narrow width. W.A.V.E. (Wide Area Vane Effectiveness) Technology Cores utilize the latest design advances in strength and durability and maximize cooling effectiveness through a greater surface area. Wider is better! The Spearco section has been enlarged and includes a greater selection of dimensional drawings and other data with regard to air/air and air/liquid intercoolers in drag racing applications. In addition to the various cast-aluminum manifolds which are used on a variety of cores by cutting their length to match the core, Spearco can also fabricate special manifolds from aluminum sheet and channel for special applications to fit all intercooler installation requirements. Spearco can fabricate to customer specifications or sketches and also offers complete engineering assistance for intercooler design and application. For custom fabrication please see our Custom Fabrication page.